Vol. 5 No. 1 (2019)
Short Communication

Does walking the dog reduce behavioral problems?

Published 2019-07-23


  • walking the dog,
  • behavioral problems.


In order to investigate the effects of walks on dog behavior, a questionnaire divided into 4 sections was used. Based on the 260 questionnaires collected, it was possible to create two groups: one formed by 157 dogs that made daily long walks of a duration greater than one hour (LWD) and another of 103 dogs that took short walks lasting equal to or less than one hour (SWD).

The results obtained show that the performance of a daily walk with the dog of at least one hour has a positive effect on the behavior of the animal, without having to perform sports activities. In fact, dogs that have the possibility to come out for a long walk have a more controlled and polite behavior, as they are less inclined, in a statistically significant way, to pull on a leash, jump on people and chase cats.

It is therefore useful to advise the owners of particularly excitable dogs to take long walks with their animals, if it is not possible for these animals to carry out sporting activities. This is particularly important for older owners who have physical impediments to other activities with their dog,