Vol. 9 No. 2 (2023)

Beneficial Effects of a Novel Nutraceutical Supplement, Calmina® (Buonapet) upon Mood-related Disorders in Dogs: 5 Case Reports

Francesco Napolitano
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production, University of Naples Federico II 80137-Naples

Published 2024-03-13


  • integrated approach,
  • dog behavior,
  • animal well-being,
  • behavioral therapy,
  • stress,
  • anxiety
  • ...More


Behavioural disorders in pets, including aggression, separation anxiety or noise phobia are increasingly common over the recent years, reach up to more than 80% worldwide, thus representing one of main concerns in animal wellbeing and human-animal relationship as well. Despite the availability of conventional therapies, based on the use of the quite effective medication, pet parents are often reluctant to use it, rather preferring natural compounds. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to describe the effects of a novel nutritional supplement, namely Calmina®, in five family dogs, affected by dysfunctional behaviours. Depending on the symptom’s severity, the animals were treated from one to four months. We observed an improvement of behavioural symptoms, and an easier management by their owners. Overall, our preliminary data suggest that the administration of Calmina® might be used to reduce anxiety-related behaviours and facilitate rehabilitation program. Further studies are mandatory to better analyze potential effects in a larger sample of dogs with behavioral disorders and in long-term treatment, as well as tolerance and safety.