Vol. 2 No. 2 (2016)
Case Report

Psychogenic polydipsia in a Poodle

Lucia Pucci
Veterinary Behaviorist freelancer
Elisa Ottonetti
Veterinary behaviorist freelancer

Published 2016-08-01


  • Behavioral problems,
  • polyuria-polydipsia and inappropriate urination,
  • anxiety,
  • aggressive behavior,


Medium size Poodle, 6 years old, entire male, was brought to the consult for polyuria-polydipsia and inappropriate urination. Anamnesis, health and behavioural evaluation have shown anxiety and aggressive behaviours towards the owners. Clinical and laboratory examinations were necessary to rule out possible underlying medical pathologies.

Presumptive diagnosis was psychogenic polydipsia and inappropriate urination, chronic anxiety, irritable aggression.

Behavioral therapy aimed at improving events predictability for the dog during the day, avoiding conflict situations and punishments, reinforcing calm states, getting the dog used to the kennel, taking him out in quiet places without encountering people or other dogs, doing short exercises of scent discrimination and nosework in order to relax the dog and improve his self-esteem.

Medical treatment consisted in antibiotics and anti-inflammatory for cystitis, hepatoprotectors for chronic hepatitis, nutraceuticals as an aid for anxiety.

After about one month, the dog had improved but the owners communicated that they could not do what was suggested and that they renounced the adoption. The real improvement has occurred with the successive adoption by an old couple.