Vol. 3 No. 3 (2017)
Case Report

A case of phobia in a Chinese Crested Dog

Published 2017-12-21


  • dog,
  • phobia,
  • counter conditioning technique,
  • fluoxetine


 A Chinese Crested Dog, entire male, 22-month-old, was referred to the consultation by his owner, a colleague veterinary surgeon, because, while he was waiting to enter a beauty show, he has been afraid of other dogs and people around him. From that moment the dog did not want to enter in the ring and to be manipulated by the judge. The diagnosis was of simple phobia that could evolve into a complex phobia. A behavioral modification, based on desensitization and counterconditioning, was recommended, suspending the dog’s participation to dog shows. On month after th behavioral modification was started, for obtaining a better improvement of dog behavior, Fluoxetine (0.3 mg/kg SID) was prescribed. After 3 months of Fluoxetine treatment, the dog walked quietly in the street, still showing short episodes of fear in unknown places or due to trucks transit but he quickly overcame them. Gradually he was starting to go to more and more crowded places, but he went away if someone tried to approach him.

He learned basic training with the owner. It was not yet reported to a dog show.

Treatment with fluoxetine was suspended after 6 months, by gradual weaning, without worsening behavior of the dog.

Also the phobia problems related to dog shows were resolved and the animals was calm in the ring and during the examination performed by the judge.