Vol. 4 No. 1 (2018)
Short Communication

The use of nutraceuticals in the behavioral medicine of the dog: preliminary results

Published 2018-06-05


  • dog,
  • nutraceutical,
  • behavior


Aim of this research was to assess the use of nutraceuticals (Zilkene®, Adaptil tablets®, Anxitane®, Calmex® and Calm diet®)  in the behavioral medicine of the dogs, comparing the experience of veterinary behaviorists and general veterinary surgeons, by using an online questionnaire. One hundred and eighty six questionnaires were collected, 104 from veterinary surgeons and 82 from veterinary behaviorists.

As regards the situations in which the nutraceuticals are prescribed, these were situations of acute stress, such as those caused by fireworks, thunderstorms and travels. The veterinary behaviorists have prescribed the nutraceuticals in case of fireworks and thunderstorm phobia.

A good percentage of veterinarians was satisfied with the results obtained with the use of neutraceutics and this satisfaction was also shown by most of the owners.

In conclusion, the use of nutraceuticals in veterinary medicine is now widespread and appreciated by both veterinary behaviorists and veterinary surgeons.