Vol 9, No 1 (2023): Special Issue: Proceedings of the 5th EVCBMAW

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Proceedings of the 5th European Veterinary College
of Behavioural Medicine and Animal Welfare
(Pisa, 19th-20th October 2023)


The local committee is pleased to welcome the participants of the 5th EVCBMAW which will
take place on 19th-20th October 2023 in Pisa, a small Italian city on a human and animal scale,
rich in history, culture and science. In fact, the birth of the University of Pisa, which you will find
widespread and integrated in the city, in whose streets tourists mingle with students, dates back
to 1343.
Pisa is the city of the Leaning Tower, a renowned symbol of Italy, a singular example of a
mistake turned into a masterpiece in the magnificent casket of Piazza dei Miracoli. Pisa is also
the city of Galileo Galilei, considered the father of modern science, who introduced the scientific
method. We hope the atmosphere of the town will make the experience even more enjoyable.
The two days of the 5th EVCBMAW will be full of food for thought on the main theme chosen
for this year: the human-animal bond. As well as an opportunity for growth, it will also be an
opportunity to meet old acquaintances and new colleagues who, like us and you, are interested in
the all-round welfare of non-human animals.
As always, there will be a college study day (BM & AWSEL, 18th October) and this year, after
the congress (21st October), we invite you to participate in a satellite meeting with a somewhat
unusual approach.
We hope to welcome all of you in Pisa and we thank since now all those who will work and are
already working to make this congress a success (local, international and scientific committee), as
well as those who will contribute with their abstracts and participation.
Chiara Mariti & Angelo Gazzano
On behalf of the Local Committee
For further information, check the Congress website https://evcbmaw.org


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