Vol. 9 No. 2 (2023)
Case Report

A case of generalised anxiety in a cocker-spaniel

Luca Ciurli
Veterinary behaviorist free lance

Published 2024-03-21


  • dog,
  • noise phobia,
  • fluoxetine


A dog (Larry) was evaluated for his fear of noises, strangers, bikes, scooters and for his tendency to eat anything he finds on the ground. Larry comes from a farm in the countryside, and now he lives in a residential neighbourhood in the city. Considering his auditory hypersensitivity and the variety of contexts in which Larry feels fearful, generalised anxiety is likely. The therapeutic protocol consists of 3 sections: Work on the Behaviour, Work on the environment, and medical treatment (Fluoxetine 1 mg/kg SID). After 3 months, a follow up in consultation took place, and the owner reported an improvement in Larry’s anxiety: now he is calmer both at home and on the leash and doesn't react to cars or buses. After 6 months, a telephonic follow up took place, and a general improvement was assessed.